12 Effective DIY Bird Feeding Station Ideas (Must-See!)

Making a bird feeding station on your own is rewarding and fun, and there are many ways to transform everyday items and household objects into effective bird feeders.

If you want to watch birds in your backyard while you’re enjoying your morning coffee, try constructing a bird feeding station from these ideas.

The 12 most effective DIY bird feeding station ideas include:

  1. Pie tins
  2. Wooden trays
  3. Plastic soda bottles
  4. PVC pipe
  5. Pinecones
  6. Mesh and suet
  7. Milk jugs
  8. Wine bottles
  9. Legos
  10. Flower pots
  11. Soup ladles
  12. Bundt pans

How To Make a Bird Feeding Station

Constructing a feeding station for birds is a great way for birders to see new species up close. To make your first bird feeding station, follow these steps:

  1. Decide what kinds of birds you want to attract.
  2. Research the appropriate food and feeder type for the birds you want to attract.
  3. Choose an appropriate location for the feeder, somewhere within sight that’s easy to access. 
  4. Either purchase a bird feeder or build your own.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match feeding stations. By providing different kinds of feeding stations and different food sources, you can bring a great diversity of birds to your yard.

1. Pie Tin Bird Feeders

A pie tin bird feeder is a great choice for ground feeders like blue jays, sparrows, cardinals, towhees, chickadees, juncos, and mourning doves.

Simply punch holes in the bottom of the tin, fill it with seeds, and then place the tin on top of a tree stump, deck railing, or another flat surface.

These feeders need to be cleaned regularly. 

2. Wooden Tray Bird Feeders

A wooden tray makes a great feeder for ground-feeding birds, although it can be hard to clean. 

Consider making or buying a wooden tray feeder with a mesh bottom to keep the seeds off the floor of the feeder.

Nature’s Way Bird Products CFW3 feeder from Amazon.com is an example of this kind of feeder.

It also comes with a protective waterproof stain on the wood, which you can replicate.

3. Plastic Soda Bottle Bird Feeders

One easy way to make a DIY hanging bird feeder is to cut a hole in two sides of a plastic soda bottle, put a wooden spoon or stick through the holes to act as a perch.

Then cut holes close to the perch for the birds to eat from. 

This kind of feeder is great for small birds like finches and nuthatches. You can fill the feeder with seed, then cut a flap at the top to refill the seed when necessary. 

4. PVC Pipe Bird Feeders

PVC pipe bird feeders are squirrel-proof, making them a great choice if you have problems with squirrels stealing your birdseed. 

However, PVC pipe bird feeders require some advanced know-how to make, but you can make them inexpensively with just PVC pipe, glue, screws, and wire.

5. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Pine cone bird feeders are one of the easiest and most effective bird feeders you can make.

Simply spread peanut butter on a pine cone, roll it in birdseed, then hang the pine cone from a tree with a piece of string. 

Additionally, pine cone bird feeders make a great craft for kids, and they attract small perching birds like the chickadee and tufted titmouse.

6. Mesh and Suet Bird Feeders

Suet is a great food source for birds that normally feed on insects, especially during the winter when the insects are dormant.

To make a suet bird feeder, simply fill a small mesh bag with a bit of suet from a grocery store or pet store. 

You can also form the suet into a ball and roll it in seed, although birds will eat the suet either way.

7. Milk Jug Bird Feeders

A milk or water jug can make an easy bird feeder. Simply cut open the sides of the jug, then drill holes into the bottom to run a stick through to serve as a perch.

Then, you can fill the jug with seed. 

These feeders are easy to fill and clean, and you can decorate them so that they fit into your lawn environment better. 

8. Wine Bottle Bird Feeders

There are countless ways to make a bird feeder from a wine bottle. 

The easiest way to do this is to fill a wine bottle with seed, turn it upside down, and let gravity fill a wooden tray or box beneath the bottle.

You can also make a hummingbird feeder with a wine bottle by doing the same thing but using nectar and a plastic container.

9. Lego Bird Feeders

One clever way to make a DIY bird feeder is by building one with legos, which makes for a great craft for kids during the wintertime. 

Lego bird feeders are versatile and can be made in pretty much any shape, so long as there’s a way to add new seed.

You’ll also want to add perches for the birds to sit, and openings where the seed is accessible to the birds.

10. Flower Pot Bird Feeders

A terra-cotta flower pot bird feeder makes for a great addition to a garden. Simply soak the pot in water overnight, then once the pot has softened, drill holes in the side.

You can then fill the pot with seed, cover it, and allow the birds to peck through the holes to reach the seed.

11. Soup Ladle Bird Feeders

A very simple way to create a bird feeder is to fill a soup ladle with seed and hang it on a fence railing or side of the house.

Just make sure that the ladle is securely attached and that you clean the ladle regularly. Metal ladles work best, as they’re easiest to clean.

12. Bundt Pan Bird Feeders

To make a feeding station out of a bundt pan, fill the pan with seed, then wrap twine around a tennis ball or wooden block.

Place the wooden block or tennis ball under the pan in the middle and pull the two ends of the twine up through the center hole.

You can then tie the ends together over a branch or hook.